“Excellent music and powerful message. Vocals and guitar parts are heavy just like I like them. Looking for Christian music that will not make you snooze but not lose the power of the Spirit? This is it!!!”

-Brian Howe

JG Rawk is a talented musician who brings energy and emotion to his melodic alt-rock sound. His powerful vocals and catchy guitar riffs create a bold and dynamic sound that is sure to captivate audiences. With influences ranging from classic rock to modern indie, JG Rawk’s music is a unique blend of old-school charm and contemporary edge.


This seasoned musician brings a new sound to the table while also evoking the spirit of Christianity in a relatable way.

-Evangeline W

Hey brother! Just wanted to jump in your messenger and say you have inspirational content on your page! Have an amazing day! God Bless

-Daniel Gallagher

Спасибо за малитвы.Песня супер (Thanks for the prayers the song is super!)

-Ukraine brother

“An amazing album. This shows a lot of maturation in song writing. It combines classic JG sounds (with a bolder performance) and experimentation in newer styles – all with the same solid, Biblical message. There are songs about personal struggle that resonate deeply. Stand out tracks: Terror’s Demise, Understand, and the title track- The Highway Song.”

-Jon Bolie

I love how you’re teaching your children!! They appear to be very intelligent children also Keep them singing and praising God